Creative thinker & doer working in digital and print.
Principal of Neuarmy.
Design Director @ Neiman.
Father & Husband.

SLAM Magazine, Gestalten, Faesthetic Magazine, Vapors Magazine, The Royal Magazine, Swindle Magazine, Overspray Magazine, Worth Global Style Network, Creative Review, Computer Arts Projects, A Book Designed to Help, Semi-Permanent 06 Book, Clubspotting Book, OneOneNine Zine, Handmade Book, Bridge, Konstruktiv.

Client list:
SLAM Magazine, United Pixel Workers, URB Magazine, Maxim Magazine, Overspray Magazine, Daimler Chrysler-BBDO Germany, D&G (Dolce&Gabbana), Budweiser/Flavorpill, Computer Arts Projects, And1 Basketball, 2KSports(Vacuum Design), Redken/L’Oreal, Gravis Footwear, Synthesis, Mentum Clothing, Tagür Footwear.


  1. sebastian

    great stuff!!!!

  2. Your site/work is amazing. Nice job, yo.

  3. Cameron

    Hey bro my names Cam, I’m from NZ, I’m studying scholarship design at school and your Neuarmy works have really inspired me, I’m researching your works as part of my assignment…. Great site man!

  4. Awesome work, nice site. loving that room as well.

  5. Mattesque

    Excellent blog and site!
    Love the attention to detail and minimalism (I admit, it’s a fad right now, but you’ve pulled it off very well).

    Are you in Philly?

  6. Ryan Brady Rish

    As a young art college student this is more than simply inspiring, but motivating as well, and this can be taken in all aspects of your work. The quality of craftsmanship along the creativity you conjure up to fuel it is not to go unnoticed, and is rather looked up to.

    Thank you for publishing your work for all to see, as well as hearing what people think about it.

  7. best work i’ve seen in a long, long time! keep rockin’ and rollin’

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