The Warfare of Deception

The Warfare of Deception is a Basic Field Guide consisting of 6 individual sections.
Survival, Objective, Protocol, Safety, First Aid, and Communication (Communication is based on a Flag & Dash & Dot alphabet using HUSTLE as an example.)
These are 12″x18″ prints on generic brown school paper using archival inks.


  1. Awesome! Snap shot man.

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  3. Yo these are sweet. Love the ampersand print.

  4. Thanks fellas!

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  6. Are these screenprinted? offset?

  7. Neither actually. Not yet anyway. These are printed on an Epson 3800.

  8. Wow, Awesome feel! I have been looking for the type for the conjunction words you have there. Cant seem to find the name of those characters! or are they custom made?

  9. Thanks Khristian, the typeface you’re referring to is Brothers from Emigre.

  10. This is really good! Is it okay to ask what typeface you used for “warfare” and “deception”? Thanks!

  11. Thanks alot for that!

    You have great sense of space.

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  13. Great work! I really want to know which typeface is used for “warfare” or “deception” too!

  14. I wanted to leave a short comment telling you I really like the design. Nice work, mister!

  15. Jon

    Just wanted to echo the comment above mate, amazing work!

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