DJ (Drop)Shadow

Endtroducing… with effects by — DJ (Drop) Shadow. Nerdy photoshop/music jokes.



    HA HA! I didn’t think anyone else but me like Photoshop jokes. I think when you increase the HARDNESS of a brush it should give the brush icon some tattoos and a flat bill hat…

  2. I don’t get it? Lol… I looked up DJ Shadow and still don’t get it.

  3. Oh wow. This is VERY funny. That is a damn good album.

  4. Clever and awesome. Mr_LeE Look at the article’s title. In Photoshop there is a filter called Drop Shadow. Endtroducing is an album by DJ Shadow. Humor is subjective. (nice blog by the way)

  5. Love it. Very witty and pulled off proper! FILTER/NOISE/ADD NOISE…

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