Recent work for the Penmanship show at Vox Populi gallery for Philadelphia Design WeekA collection of work from some of Philly’s finest, curated and presented by Dan Gneiding, Mikey Burton, and Elysse Ricci, with printing donated by Urban Outfitters.

Penmanship celebrates the idea that one’s handwriting is a window into his or her character. Letterforms within the finished pieces are differentiated by shape, scale, contrast, manipulation and layering. The show is a study of personal touch and distinction, the works you see are a clear reflection of individual aesthetic.

Char·ac·ter: 1) the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person’s reputation. 2) a symbol used in a writing system, such as a letter of the alphabet.

(Awesome animated gif, thanks to Rodney Ibarra and Patrick Macomber)


  1. I didn’t even see those booklets! Hope I can get my hands on one…

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  3. Mike Monte Nice job Ryan

    i am going to have the other students in one of my classes look at your site keep up the good work

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