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Ryan Katrina

Neuarmy Surplus & Service

Neuarmy was originally established in 2002, and later expanded to include Neuarmy Surplus Co. —  a Philadelphia-based creative outpost designing and manufacturing Limited Issue & Standard Issue shirts, Hand-made Field Pouches, Hand-painted Wood Signage, Linocut Prints, Large Format Prints, and other Quality Goods. 

Neuarmy has always been rooted in thoughtful design, craftsmanship, and hustle. These qualities extend beyond our own work and are put into practice when collaborating with clients to help create design solutions.

Short client list: Red Wing Shoes, Teabox, Tracksmith, Bonobos, Yuengling, Sunoco, Rival Bros. Coffee Roasters, Nike, Slam Magazine, Bon Hiver, Lost Type, Daimler Chrysler-BBDO Germany, D&G (Dolce&Gabbana), Budweiser/Flavorpill, ComputerArts Projects, And1 Basketball, 2KSports, L'Oreal, Gravis Footwear, Mentum Clothing, Tagür Footwear, and more.

Features: FPO Best of 2013, Los Logos 6, Under Consideration's UC.Quarterly Q2., Low Tech Print: Contemporary Hand-Made Printing, Upper Case Magazine, Semi-Permanent 06 Book, The Royal Magazine, Swindle Magazine, Computer Arts Projects, Overspray Magazine, A Book Designed to Help, Faesthetic, Clubspotting, OneOneNine, Bridge, Konstruktiv, and others.